5 Digital Ways To Get More Clients

Businesses are always seeking new clients, and they tend to use online and offline strategies to achieve that. Here are 5 digital ways to get more clients for your business:

1. A Website + Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all know every business needs a digital presence in the form of a website, but what use is a website if no one is finding it and visiting it? In order to get new clients, your website must be search engine optimized in order to be found on search engines like Google when people search for certain keywords related to your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that involves many steps and factors. These steps include editing your website’s text to include certain keywords, structuring, naming and formatting headlines, URLs and images to include those keywords, and creating backlinks on other sites to link back to your website. If your website is properly SEO optimized, when people search for keywords relating to your business on Google, they will find your website among the first results and therefore potentially become clients.

2. An Active, Engaging Social Media Presence and Social Media Strategy

Another way to get new clients is through social media. Just having a dormant social media page doesn’t attract clients however. Your business needs to have an active presence on social media channels in order to attract new clients. If you create a social media strategy with regular content and keep your page audience engaged, you will create awareness and they will remember your business. Whenever your audience like, share or comment on your posts, their friends will see that, learn about your business, and potentially become new clients of yours.

3. A Well Designed Product UX (User Experience) That’s Worth Recommending

Word of mouth is powerful, and people recommend things that they like and things that they’ve had a good experience with. If your product is great and has a great user experience (UX), your users will remember it and recommend it to their friends, bringing you new potential customers. Many websites or apps that have a bad or mediocre UX end up losing clients to competitors who have a better UX. Don’t take UX design for granted, hire a specialist UX designer to evaluate and improve the user experience of your product or service. Don’t forget to measure the before and after results and KPIs.

4. Lead Capture + Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Funnels

Ok so your ads are getting many clicks, and you’re getting many visitors on your website, but all these potential clients are going to waste if you’re not collecting their emails and contacting them or following up with them at a later stage. In order to get new clients, you need to capture these leads and create a marketing funnel and email strategy to keep their interest and convert them into paying clients. This can be done using direct and indirect sign up forms on your ads and website where these prospects enter their emails or contact details. Email marketing is very underrated, and remains one of the best ways to convert prospects to clients. It has to be done correctly though, hire pros who are specialized in that.

5. Effective Online Marketing & Advertising Strategies

Since it’s nowadays easy to run social media ads & PPC ads, anyone can run them… but did you know that most of the ads we see are in fact useless? That’s because they’re not done correctly by pros. The useful ads that will bring you new customers are the ones with the proper wording and graphics, and the ones that are properly targeted at the right customer groups. The even better ones are the ones linked to sales funnels and lead capture forms. Randomly running online ads and marketing campaigns that are not too well thought of or targeted will quickly cost you a lot of money and will not get you any worthy results. Make sure you hire pros to conceptualize, optimize and run your marketing and advertising campaigns to get the best outcomes and biggest number of new clients.

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