I’m a digital product manager with diverse experience.
I’ve co-founded 6 startups where I’ve managed and released several digital products.

Featured Products I’ve Managed

An online platform that presells events.
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An online shop selling curated products.
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Other Products I’ve Managed:

Bonus Reminder
A mobile app that reminds you to claim game bonuses.
Team: 1 designer, 1 app developer.

Nimble Run
Mobile game where you scroll to run, avoiding obstacles.
Team: 1 designer, 1 app developer.

Minimal websites at minimal cost.
Team: solo project

Escape The Challenge
Escape the Room game with 24 levels.
Team: solo project.

Product think tank and consulting agency.
Team: variable, 1-4 people based on assignments.

Karim Muhtar Portfolio
Portfolio website showcasing work.
Team: solo project.

A web platform like Airbnb for event venue rental.
1 designer, 1 web developer.

Warzone World
Mobile game inspired by Pirate kings, Slots and Red Alert.
Team: 1 designer/developer, 1 app developer.

Reviews Universe
Reviews & content blog used for affiliate marketing.
1-2 writers

Battlefront Commando
Casual mobile battle game.
Team: 1 designer/developer, 1 app developer.

Lamia Saab Muhtar Website
Website for an artist.
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Rover Dispatcher
Casual mobile game about planet exploration.
Team: 1 illustrator, 1 designer, 1 app developer.

Go ahead and contact me if you’d like to hire me or get know more about these projects.