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Escape The Bank

Escape The Gym

Escape The Desert

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Level Design Planning Example

Escape the Office

Everyone left and locked the door, you got stuck at the office.

Main Objects
Office phone, cell phone, phone charger, PC, drawers, desk, window, whiteboard, drawer keys, notebook/paper, electric plug converter.

Needed Screens
• Door side
• Desk 1 side: includes PC and open drawer
• PC cables
• Open drawer 1, includes cell phone, paper & key
• Desk 2 side: includes locked drawer, land phone, & electricity socket
• Locked drawer 2, includes phone charger and PC login info
• Window side
• Cell phone
• Land Phone
• PC screen

Situations, Problems & Puzzles
• Cell phone won’t turn on because battery is empty and needs charging.
• Charger is in locked drawer.
• Drawer key is below some papers in another drawer.
• After charging, cell phone needs a pin to access it.
• No network signal on cell phone.
• PC has a password to log in. Password is on notebook/paper in drawer.
• PC has the cell phone PIN in documents.
• Phone charger has a plug that doesn’t fit in the electricity socket.
• PC is connected to a plug converter that can be used with the charger in the socket.

• Get the napkin, use it to wipe the fingerprint machine, click it, it unlocks first door.
• The outer door is still locked.
• Get the adapter plug from the dysfunctional socket
• Get the cell phone from the open drawer, move all the papers right and get the key from under them.
• Use it to open the other drawer, get the charger.
• Click the notepad, it says the password is a birthday in the format “ddmddm”
• Click the calendar on the wall, click the upper page to view august, you’ll notice a cake on Aug 19th, so that’s the birthday.
• Use password 198198 to access the PC, open the documents, then open credentials, you’ll get the mobile’s PIN.
• Use adapter plug on the charger, and use the charger on the cell phone, then use them all on the functional socket to charge it.
• Click the phone, enter the PIN, look at the contacts, and note the number of the concierge.
• Use the land phone to call that number. It will be busy the first time you try, wait a few seconds and call again. He will unlock the outer door.
• Use the fingerprint machine and open the first door, and you’ll notice that the outer door was unlocked and you can now open it and click to escape.

Level Walkthroughs

History & Evolution

The game was originally made as individual online standalone levels as part of a gaming platform and competition for a client of mine, and later evolved into Escape The Challenge. Click here for more info and an interesting case study about it.

Game Success

Some levels were previously released on web gaming portals as standalone Flash games and have reached more than 6,000,000 cumulative plays.