Calendar for Promo I



12 l autostop menu

Menu for Autostop, a conveyor belt & car themed diner



12 Universal Snack - Placemat

Placemat for Universal Snack



email flyer

Emailer for Hadzup



newsletter sample

Email newsletter for Azadea



ecard ff

Interactive Christmas e-card for Firefly



Front of Card

Christmas greeting card for Tinol



invitation card

Invitation card for ArabiaShop



momentum christmas 2

Christmas greeting card  for Momentum



Merry Christmas from Presella

Christmas Facebook graphic for Presella



new year 2

New Year’s Facebook graphic for Presella



fb banner 2

Facebook banner for an event



fb personal cover pic

Facebook  cover pic for Presella




Facebook  cover pic for Secure SMS



tickets will be sent starting Monday

Event Facebook graphic



Trax Mobile poster 2

Rollup banner for Trax Locator



print - poster - artist

Roll up banner for Presella



print - poster - fan

Roll up banner for Presella



v 0 mega book collage - this - final

DVD cover for Megahurtz