BeirutBuy is a Lebanese online shop selling a variety of curated gadgets and products.

Sell uncommon curated products online at an affordable price.

Become a niche online shop that sells worldwide at affordable prices, and potentially become a marketplace where small and medium shop owners can sell on. BeirutBuy also aims to start creating and selling its own original products. 

Product manager, operations manager, social media intern, delivery partners.

Product Roadmap

Released MVP website with cash on delivery

December 2017

Released an improved version of the website

June 2018

Introduced new products and categories

June 2018

Improved the website, re-ordered categories & introduced new ones

September 2018

Introduced free pickup option

October 2018

Introduced affiliate products

September 2019

Pivot into niche

Q4 2020

Introduce online payments & international shipping

Q1 2021

Start creating own products

Q2 2021

Evolve into marketplace

Q3 2021

Expand marketing to new countries

Q1 2022

Current Status
The online shop reached break-even point and started generating net profit in less than 2 years of operation. It currently generates passive income and runs on semi-autopilot, with a little bit of social media marketing and the help of the operations team for customer support and dispatching orders.

More About BeirutBuy
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