Presella is a platform that enables event organizers to guarantee attendance to their events by preselling tickets.

Empower small and medium event organizers by providing them with a solution to eliminate risk from event organization, and enable anyone to become an event organizer.

Make event management easy and risk-free, enabling anyone to become an event organizer. The vision for Presella was to eventually become a comprehensive event management tool that included ticket preselling, regular online ticketing, entry or guest list management and ticket scanning, events finder, and event marketing tool.

Product manager, designer & creative director, web developer, mobile developer, illustrator, 2 business executives, board members.

Original Product Roadmap

Created demo website

August 2012

Revamped all visual branding

September 2012

Released MVP website with cash on delivery

December 2012

Released improved website with online payments

February 2013

Released MVP ticket-scanning app

February 2013

Introduced perks with ticket types

March 2013

Improved user dashboard

March 2013

Introduced improved & downloadable attendees list

March 2013

Make website mobile friendly

April 2013

Add “import Facebook event” & “publish event to Facebook” features

May 2013

Add “upload video” & “crop image” features to event page creation process

May 2013

Release improved ticket-scanning app

June 2013

Release mobile app version of the website

July 2013

Introduce affiliate system for promoting events, enabling people to make money from that

August 2013

Make events embeddable

September 2013

Release embeddable widgets (buy tickets & counter)

September 2013

Expand into Dubai market

Q4 2013

Release event management app

Q1 2014

Expand to whole Middle East market

Q2 2014

Expand to Europe

Q3 2014

Expand to USA

Q4 2014

Expand to rest of the world


Departure & Aftermath
Even though the startup was originally my idea and concept, I sold my shares and left it in April 2013 due to major differences with my co-founders concerning the startup’s vision and operations. My successors and ex-partners didn’t continue nor adopt my product roadmap and vision after I left, but instead pivoted the startup into just a regular online ticketing startup that had to compete with established giants like Eventbrite and Ticketmaster. They ended up eventually failing, and the startup closed down in 2016.

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